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Car LED Transparent Screen p2.6-5.2mm

Car LED Transparent Screen p2.6-5.2mm

Short Description:

P2.6 is a product with a pixel pitch of P2.6mm horizontally and 5.2mm vertically. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. The screen is designed as a light bar grid, with good light transmission
2. High-definition color display, the content is richer and more vivid
3. High brightness, self-adjusting, all-weather application
4. Strong flexibility, wide release and high communication rate
5. The control system is mature and stable, easy to use, and has powerful processing performance

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How to repair the LED display panel and how to troubleshoot the fault of the unit board
The composition of the full-color LED display is composed of the most basic LED unit board. If there is a problem with the unit board, it will directly affect the display effect of the entire LED screen, such as the common color difference area or black screen and other phenomena! At this time, how to detect and distinguish whether the LED display unit board is good or bad becomes very important, and it has also become a concern of many LED display manufacturers. method:
Full color LED display
1. LED unit board sheet
In fact, many LED unit board manufacturers are now using cheap flame retardant cardboard or single-sided fiberboard as the PCB circuit board for LED lights in order to compete for customers at low prices. There is not much difference when people who don't know use it. It is easy to break due to moisture, ultraviolet damage, oxidation, etc. after using it for about half a year, which will easily lead to the scrapping of the entire LED unit board. A good LED display unit board uses a double-sided full glass fiber PCB board, although the cost will be relatively high, but it will be more secure.
2. IC devices
Whether the brands of IC devices are consistent. Or what model and how many ICs are used will also greatly affect the quality of the LED unit board. In order to save costs, some LED display manufacturers often deliberately reduce the number of ICs when producing unit boards, and also include other brands of ICs.
3. LED lamp beads and chips
The naked eye cannot distinguish the quality of the lamp beads, it can only be distinguished by long-term testing. Generally, for informal LED display manufacturers, the products will be powered on before leaving the factory to check whether the LED display can operate normally, but it will not undergo a long-term aging test. After all, a long-term aging test will affect the cost and labor cost. As a Shenzhen LED display brand manufacturer, Lihelilai has a strict production and quality inspection process. Before the products are shipped, the lighting and aging test is carried out for at least 96 hours to ensure that each product can be delivered to customers in good condition.
4. Welding quality
Check whether the patch has components missing or wrongly pasting, and whether there is a short circuit of component pin burrs. Check whether the solder joints of the straight plug-in are smooth and round, whether the board surface is clean and tidy, and there is no false soldering or missing soldering. Check the flatness of the light-emitting dot matrix and the consistency of the ink color.







pixel pitch 1.25mm _  
pixel structure 1R1G1B  
pixel density 640000 /m 2  
Module resolution 240 (W)* 135 (H)  
Module size 300mm * 168.75mm  
Box size 1200*675mm  
Box weight(Kg) 19.5kg  



Single point luminance, chromaticity correction have  
white balance brightness ≥600 cd/㎡  
color temperature   20 00K—9300K adjustable  
Horizontal viewing angle ≥ 160°  
vertical viewing angle ≥ 1 6 0°  
Visible distance ≥3 meters  
Brightness uniformity ≥97%  
Contrast ≥3000:1  



Signal processing bits 16 bits*3  
grayscale 65536  
control distance Network cable: 100 meters, Optical fiber: 10 kilometers  
drive mode High gray-scale constant current source driver IC  
frame rate ≥ 60HZ  
refresh rate ≥ 384 0 Hz  
way to control Synchronize  
Brightness adjustment range 0 to 100 stepless adjustment  


Continuous working time ≥72 hours  
Typical life   100,000 hours  
Protection class IP20  
range of working temperature -20℃ to 50℃  
Operating humidity range 10 %- 80% RH non-condensing  
Storage temperature range -20 ℃ to 60 ℃  


Operating Voltage DC: 4.2-5V  
Power Requirements AC: 220×(1±10%)V, 50×(1±5%)Hz  
Maximum power consumption 680W / ㎡ _  
Average power consumption 270W / ㎡ _  


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