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About Us


SHENZHEN CRTOP Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on LED display and LED lighting, with perfect product research and development, design, production, project support service and T-process security fee after-sales service and other comprehensive service capabilities. Is an excellent LED overall application solution supply with. Business king involves LED display, LED lighting and LED illuminationion, etc.


SHENHZEN CRTOP Co., Ltd. headquartered in Beijing, China, has a manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, China, and an international sales department in Shenzhen, China. The company now has a self-built factory of 30,000 square meters, and owns 25 patents, 17 software Copyrights, 4 registered trademarks, and more than 10 patent transformation achievements. After years of continuous accumulation and progress, the technology of the company has reached the leading level in the industry, especially in engineering products, but also has a great advantage. At the same time, the company still pursues the continuous update and progress of technology, continuously improves its technical structure and talent reserve, and maintains research and development cooperation with Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, North China Electric Power And other universities.

CRTOP's parent company, Chontdo, is a standing member of LED Display Application Branch of China Optical and Electronics Industry Association, a member of China semiconductor Lighting LED Industry Unit, a member of Zhongguancun Semiconductor Lighting Alliance, a member of National Spark Scientific Research Program, and a national high-tech enterprise. Participated in the construction of many projects, such as 2008 Olympic Games, 2009 60th Anniversary of The Motherland, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, 2012 National Urban Games, 2013 National 860 Spark Project, 2014 Beijing APE Conference and so on.

SHENZHEN CRTOP Co., Ltd. has a strong manufacturing capacity, monthly production capacity of 4000KK module, with modern SMT equipment.

Our product:

Lcd led all in one machine/panel, Fine pitch led display, Rental led display, Outdoor led display, Indoor led display, Advertisement led display.

Trailer led display, 3d led display, Stage led display, Floor led display, Spherical led display, Jewerly led display, Creative, Special-shaped screen.

Transparant led display, Outdoor and indoor led lighting.

Core competitiveness:
1. LED display and LED lighting system solution provider.
2. Modern manufacturers.
3. Professional RESEARCH and development team.
4. The enterprise has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000.
5. The products have passed CE Rohs, FCC RSE, ETL, EMC, PSE, UL etc Certificaiton.
6. Stable product quality.
7. Excellent after-sales service.