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  • LED Display with Aluminium Base

    LED Display with Aluminium Base


    Size:320X160  Pitch(mm):P1.53   P1.66  P1.83   P2
    Size:300X168.75     Pitch(mm):P1.875   P2.34


    The base shell is 13mm in thickness, with a classic black appearance, thin and elegant;
    Keeping the minimum error to ensure perfect splicing, making the screen more flat and easier to install and splice
    Using aluminium makes the structure solid and not easily deformed, and the good thermal conductivity makes the module easier to dissipate heat and more stable under high and low temperature changes.
    The aluminium chassis back cover is snap-in, making it easier to install and dismantle for maintenance while ensuring accuracy.
    The alignment is simple and orderly, in contrast to the clutter of a conventional module with magnetic suction Android
    In order to make the big TV better installation connection, independent design open moulded corner connection, connect the structure profile and outer frame, it can better ensure the installation quality and shape precision

  • Small pitch LED display    p1.25mm    p1.538mm  p1.667mm  p1.839mm  p1.86mm

    Small pitch LED display p1.25mm p1.538mm p1.667mm p1.839mm p1.86mm

    Fine pitch led display led panel
    Product features:
    1, die cast aluminum box flatness is high, pure before maintenance
    2, high refresh rate, high gray scale
    3, all black light, high contrast
    4. No fan and mute
    5, seamless stitching, fast installation
    6, LED lights: SMD full color 1212 series, using the world famous manufacturers of high-grade chip packaging LED lights, to provide customers with a variety of choices. At the same time, the service life and display quality of the display screen are fully guaranteed.
    7, drive IC: using the world famous top manufacturers of high refresh rate, high gray constant current drive IC, excellent drive performance, stable and reliable.
    8, PCB board
    Multi-layer circuit design ensures even current distribution of lamp board, good heat dissipation, prevents color block in low gray condition, and enhances anti-electromagnetic interference ability. Plate industry high-quality manufacturers: sheng Yi, kingboard (KB) and so on
    9, connector: the use of high-quality 3U gold-plated connector, no row of wire connection in the box, stable and reliable.
    10, drive and control: each module adopts independent control card control, higher integration, stronger stability, better display effect, higher refresh, special 14BIT high gray level, high refresh drive constant current IC, unique blanking circuit, protect LED, prevent surge leakage; Support system multiple redundant backup, module point by point chroma correction, power supply double backup.


  • Led Panel Matrix Displays Indoor Stage Screen Display

    Led Panel Matrix Displays Indoor Stage Screen Display

    1. LED display brightness range

    Generally, the brightness range of indoor LED display is recommended to be around 800-1200cd/m2, and it is best not to exceed this range. The brightness range of outdoor LED display is around 5000-6000cd/m2, which should not be too bright, and some places have already displayed outdoor LED display. The brightness of the screen is limited.

    For the display screen, it is not the better to adjust the brightness as high as possible. There should be a limit. For example, the maximum brightness of the outdoor LED display is 6500cd/m2, but you have to adjust the brightness to 7000cd/m2, which is already If it exceeds the range it can withstand, it is like the capacity of a tire. If a tire can only be charged with 240kpa, but you are afraid of air leakage or insufficient air pressure during driving, you must charge 280kpa, then you may have just driven. When driving, you won’t feel anything, but after driving for a long time, because the tires can’t bear such high air pressure, there may be failures, and in serious cases, the phenomenon of tire blowout may occur.

  • Brick /floor led display

    Brick /floor led display

    1. The bottom case, face shield, power cord and signal line of the LED floor tile screen module are specially designed and equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof materials. They are made of raw materials with low moisture absorption coefficient. The front and rear of the body can reach the waterproof level of IP 65 .

    2. The LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen mask is made of imported PC material, which has high wear resistance and flexibility, as well as good high and low temperature resistance. And it is designed according to the mechanical principle, with good anti-skid and load-bearing functions.

    3. Floor mopping installation, guide rail installation, steel frame installation, ground raised installation and embedded installation , suitable for various occasions,

    4. Intelligent induction design to create an immersive experience scene. No need for external interactive devices, easy installation (FDQunique )

  • COB Fine Pixel Pitch Series  p0.9375 p1.25

    COB Fine Pixel Pitch Series p0.9375 p1.25


    Ultra light and thin die-cast aluminium cabinet with high flatness, only 28mm thick and weighing only 3.2KG.

    Ultra High Reliability.There are no exposed pins and anti-static breakdown, which improves the reliability
    and stability of the display.

    High IP Grade and Easy to Clean.COB Truly Fully Sealed structure enables it moisture resistance, anti-collision,
    prevention of pollution damage, and easier cleaning of the device surface.

    High Brightness and Anti Glare. Can effectively control the brightness of the pixel center, reduce the intensity of
    light radiation, inhibit moiré, glare and glare to the retina.

    Wide Viewing Angle. The viewing angle can be up to 175° horizontally and vertically. No color deviation from
    any direction.

    Better Heat Dissipation.COB packaged LED display encapsulates the LEDs on the PCB board, so the heat is easy
    to be dissipated, hardly causing light attenuation, greatly extending the life of the display.

    Adopts Common Cathode design, lower power consumption, can effectively reduce power consumption by 25% to
    50%. Environmental protection and energy saving, additionally extend the life span of the screen.

    High refresh rate 3840Hz, dynamic ghostless, no smearing, wider color gamut, uniform brightness, broadcast-grade
    grayscale processing, bringing realistic and natural picture transitions.