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Rental LED Screen

Rental LED Screen

Short Description:

Cabinet size (Indoor): 500×1000×76mm

Cabinet size (Outdoor): 500×1000×79mm

Module size: 250×250mm

Weight: 12.5kg

Indoor (mm): P1.89 /1 .95 / P2.6 / P2.97 / P3.9

Outdoor (mm): P2.97 / P3.9 / P4.8

White balance brightness: 5500-6500 nits

Input: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

Maintenance Method: Front/Rear maintenance

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

Support: curving (concave&convex): (+15°+12.5°±10°±7.5°±5°±2.5° 0°) optional

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